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Services for Practices
Services for Practices
Services for Practices
Services for Practices

I have provided various design related and specialist services to architectural practices in the United Kingdom, South Africa and Australia. I have illustrated that these services by working can be effectively provided remotely or with direct interaction with the design teams of practices in various locations. These services include the following:

Complex Brief Development

I have experience in developing complex briefs for large organisations and government departments. Depending on the project type and scope this includes defining the functional, financial and environmental objectives of the client, and developing detailed accommodation schedules, functional relationship analyses, site & project constraints, and identification of required specialisms to support design development of the the brief. This process can include workshops with large client organisations in order to develop the scope of the brief and identify the functional and spatial requirements of the organisation.

Concept Design

I can assist with early design and use analysis studies which support the inception and project definition stages of projects and their related reports.

Design Development

I provide a full design service typically up to planning application stage either as a stand-alone service based on a basic brief provided by a client practice, or as a component service which augments the functions of a larger design team. This service can be provided by working locally within the offices of a client practice, but I have also successfully illustrated that I can work remotely with minimal input from a client practice. I have developed a very efficient hand drawing/2D/3D design workflow using a range of software in conjunction with bespoke design automation software which I have developed.

Examples of my work can be viewed in the Projects Gallery.

Planning Applications & Site Development Plans

Where required I can assist in developing and coordinating all documents and reports associated with securing planning approvals from local authorities.

Architectural Illustration and Marketing Materials

I combine traditional manual and digital painting techniques to provide vibrant and creative architectural presentations. These panels are typically prepared at A1/A0 sheet sizes and are ideal for project marketing material and billboards.

Some examples of illustration work can be viewed in the Illustration Gallery.

I can also assist in putting together printed materials such as marketing brochures and high quality photo books.


I have assisted on a number of master-planning projects or projects with a significant public realm component and can assist with the use analysis, massing studies as well as more detailed geometric development of master-plan proposals.

Technical Design Services

Where projects require details of complex design geometry to augment the construction drawings these can be developed as very detailed 3D models for incorporation into the drawings.

Complex Project Presentation Media

I have experience in developing complex interactive 3D design presentations where multiple design scenarios can be visualised by selecting any combination of building / spatial options with automatic area calculations and other statistics. These are particularly effective where a combination of scenarios cannot be efficiently illustrated without generating an excessive number of design option sheets. These presentations combine 3D models with software programming to generate the sophisticated presentation applications. An example of such a presentation was used in the proposals for the 2007 World Cup redevelopment of the Kingston Oval.

Architectural Design & and Production Automation Software

I have significant experience in development of design automation software which can potentially generate significant productivity gains over using customised CAD and BIM software.

Typical applications of this service may include:

Parametric Stadium Bowl Design Software

I have experience in developing a design automation system for Arup Associates in London which generates complex stadium bowl geometry in 2D (Plans, sections) as well as 3D from design parameters specified in a spreadsheet. This allows for the effective testing of many design options with almost instantaneous recalculation of complex bowl geometries and sight lines. I can assist any practices in developing similar system for use in any sport stadium development.

Software Development

I have extensive experience in software development using a number of programming and scripting languages. This allows me to automate almost any typical workflow or administrative system in architectural practice.

Complex Web Applications and App development

I have experience in developing complex web applications which utilise the power of the back-end server to generate powerful customised websites which cannot otherwise be achieved with standard static websites. Typical applications of this service may include:

CPD & Software Training

I have trained a number of architects in the use of a range of design and graphics software including Sketchup, Layout, Rhino 3D, AutoCAD, Corel Draw, Photoshop and Corel Painter and can assist practices in meeting CPD and staff training requirements.