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Architectural Services
Architectural Services
Architectural Services
Architectural Services

I offer full architectural design services to international clients in the UK, Australia , South Africa and further afield, in some cases in collaboration with local architects who handle specific aspects of the work related to statutory approvals and compliance, construction management and design coordination.

Architectural services are structured into different work stages which controls the design and construction process of a proposed development. While these stages differ slightly from country to country and can vary based on the project type and a requirement for partial services, they are typically structured as follows:

Project Definition Stages

This typically involves assessment of the client's requirements,objectives and business plan. The architect may assist in developing a project brief which defines these objectives, scope and constraints of the project in sufficient detail to begin the design process. Strategies for financing may also be considered during this stage.

Concept Design

Conceptual design studies are developed during this stage which give effect to the aspirations of the brief. Preliminary cost estimates are typically also developed to provide the client with an informed basis on which to proceed to following stages. On larger complex projects this may also entail negotiations with the local planning authorities to discuss acceptability of the project. The project brief may undergo review during this stage as additional constraints and requirements are identified.At an appropriate time in the process the appointment of additional design consultants responsible for specialist aspects of the design will also be implemented.

Design Development

This stage entails a more detailed development of preferred design proposals with input from other consultants. This stage typically yields full project layouts and building appearance studies which form the basis for a planning application or site development proposal for approval by local authorities. More detailed building cost estimates based on the design are often also developed in conjunction with with operational cost studies which serve to assist clients in assessing the viability and procure financing for the project. In some project types this process is typically followed by a marketing period during which potential end-users of the project are engaged contractually. The requirements of these end-users may require review of some aspect of the brief and design resolution and result in a number of re-design iterations and cost reviews to satisfy these requirements.

Statutory Approvals, Technical Documentation & Tenders

Once the viability and planning consent of the project has been verified the design team will prepare detailed drawings, specifications and other documents which will eventually be used by building contractors to construct the project. Typically this will be broken into a number of sub-stages:

Building Consent Applications

This entails submitting basic technical drawings and specifications to a local Building Control authority in order to illustrate that the proposed development complies with the local building codes or regulations.

Construction Documentation

This entails the development of detailed drawings and specifications which will be used to construct the project.


A quantity surveyor will also typically develop a detailed Bill of Quantities which will form the basis for seeking quotations for building work through a tender process prior to appointing a preferred contractor. The design team will normally assist the client in assessing the tenders prior to appointment of a contractor and some cost negotiations may typically occur as as part of awarding a tender to a particular contractor..

Construction Administration & Supervision

This stage entails the construction of the project and oversight by the design team. In most cases the design team will also be responsible for assessing progress and approving payment of the contractor as the work progresses on site.

Handover & Close-Out

On completion of the construction work the design team will oversee the final snagging and the remedy of latent defects as well as the handover of the building to the end users.